thumbnail IMG 8230Our whole school wellbeing strategies aim to create a safe, respectful and supportive school environment for all community members.

Wellbeing Support

Our Wellbeing Support Worker works every day and is involved in a variety of both responsive support to students and families, and proactive activities including lunchtime clubs, social skills and mindfulness activities.

Lunchtime Activities

A variety of alternative lunchtime activities are provided for students through our Clubs Program. Students can participate in sports training, fun games and fitness activities, Japanese or Art Club as well as music activities including ukulele.


Our Foundation students are paired with a Year 6 students as part of our Buddy Program. The buddies will visit the Foundation classrooms regularly during the first few weeks of school and accompany them out in the playground. Throughout the year the Foundation students will visit the buddy classrooms and they will all be involved in a variety of fun activities.

Breakfast Club

At Newington P.S we believe in a healthy start to the day. Our Breakfast Club is available to all students, free of charge, from 8:15 to 8:45 every morning.