At Newington Primary School, our students explore the culture and language of Japan from Foundation to Grade 6. We have a dedicated Japanese Room in a beautiful Japanese Garden setting.

Every week, students learn to read, write, listen and speak Japanese. We explore, investigate, and experience Japanese culture to broaden students’ understanding of the world outside their own. Students can improve their skills in Manga, origami, cooking, calligraphy and Haiku poetry.

Our Grade 6 students design an annual Japanese festival for the Newington Primary School community, where we celebrate our learning and appreciate the culture and language of Japan.

Students in Grades 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to go to Japan. Our one-week tour takes in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, and a visit to a school in Ballarat’s Sister City, Inagawa.


At Newington Primary, Students participate in a range of sports including:

Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Circus Skills, Cross Country, Fundamental Motor Skills, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Indigenous Games, Netball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis.

Each year we receive specialist coaching through Sporting Schools Australia. This coaching changes each year focussing on a variety of different sports.

At Newington Primary School we have fantastic facilities and an extensive range of sporting equipment for the student to use. We have a full sized basketball court and soccer pitch as well as large grassed areas for the students to play.

We have many competitive opportunities for students to compete and participate in School House Athletics and Cross Country. Students that compete competitively can move onto Interschool, Zone and State Championships.

We also offer many lunchtime Physical Education activities as well as training for students individual events.


In the Music room at Newington, students find many opportunities for expressing their thoughts in new ways. While learning music for a semester each year, students use their singing voices and a wide range of instruments to explore the world of music in a practical way.

In Foundation and Grade 1 students inquire into rhythm, pitch, tempo and form using Boomwackers, marimbas and other percussion instruments. They are also members of the Seedlings Choir with their classmates in Semester 1.

Every Grade 2 student is provided with a school violin so that they can participate in our amazing Grade 2 Violin Program. With weekly, small group lessons for a semester, students improve their fine and gross motor skills and exercise their higher order thinking skills while learning and performing engaging violin pieces.

In grade 3 all students take part in Recorder Karate, earning belts as they achieve new levels of learning and in Grade 4 the focus is on learning through the Ukulele, playing and singing a wide range of traditional and contemporary songs.

Our Grade 5s grow their musical knowledge and skills while learning to play bucket drums and in Grade 6 we add Guitar and keyboard, then bring it all together to form a class band.

And, of course, singing, listening to and performing music from around the world, as well as composing and performing our own music, continues throughout our time in the Music room.

Outside the classroom there are many opportunities to take music learning further. You can have instrumental music lessons from one of our team of visiting instrumental teachers or become part of a music group and rehearse and perform with your friends.

You can sing in the Saplings Choir and perform at the Royal South Street Eisteddfod or join the percussion ensemble CrashBangWallop and play at the Begonia Festival. Lunchtime music clubs are open to all and change each term. Our regular instrumental concerts take place throughout the year, giving everyone a chance to perform.

Learning through music is a great way to express ourselves and explore the world around us.


At Newington Primary School, our students are inspired and challenged to expand their knowledge and learn through engaging and stimulating study opportunities. These include but are not limited to, the exploration of art techniques, artists from the past and present, elements of design, principles of design and local, global, cultural and community celebrations/events.

The Visual Arts curricula is an opportunity for students to explore creatively, whilst developing skills in a range of areas such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, modelling, construction, and threads and textiles. Students are encouraged to investigate a wide range of techniques and materials to become independent learners in using Visual Arts language and acquiring skills and knowledge. 

Students at our school are encouraged to be courageous and explore their creativity by participating in the experiences offered, developing an understanding that all artwork has meaning. They will proudly display own artworks, created through their own imagination and the inspiration of famous artworks. Students combine a variety of formal elements to communicate their ideas and feelings, ensuring they consider the audience when immersed in the design process.


The Sustainable Gardening Kitchen program offers students the opportunity to explore how plants and animals are grown for food, the preparation, planting and maintaining of our vegetable garden and chicken pen supports this. Students prepare food for eating using no-waste cooking recipes and follow food handling guidelines. 

Sustainable practices and the conservation of natural habitats and resources are investigated, progressing each year as the students do. Students further develop their knowledge of Australian animals and how they depend on each other and the environment to survive. Students focus on the unique features, habitats, and lifecycles, and how they can help care for wildlife and the environment. The upkeep and care of our frog bog, chickens and ducks also teaches our students responsibility and how to care for different species.

The exploration of Aboriginal history, culture, and sustainability, while learning about Wurundjeri and Wadawurrung connections to the land are also important to this program.

Primary Years Program

As an Authorised International Baccalaureate World School, the PYP enables our teachers and students to learn through an inquiry approach that builds upon the students’ prior learning and past experiences. Interweaving subject disciplines through concepts and global issues allows our students to build understandings and develop skills to support their learning. The teaching of literacy and numeracy is a core component of our curriculum, together with a strong focus on social and emotional growth. To find out more, visit our page ‘IB World School’.


Newington Primary School aims to create rich learning environments that support students to grow as confident and capable learners. New buildings add to our capacity to provide 21st century teaching and learning, and include the integration of learning technologies. Our media room supports online learning and video conferencing. We have a wealth of technological devices; iPads, Netbooks, Smart screens, sphero STEM robotics, Bee-Bots, littleBits and a 3D printer.